The paradise for adrenaline junkies

Slovenia is among the select few destinations that offer a really comprehensive selection of adrenaline sports and other activities that will get your blood flowing. The best spot to experience as much as you possibly can is the region around the upper part of the Soca River, with the offer centered on the town of Bovec.

No matter if you’re interested in rafting, canoeing, paragliding, mountaineering, or canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia has it all. Not only the potential, but the execution as well. The pristine nature offers itself to the visitors, while the local tourism operators prepare guided tours and enable many thrilling activities that will make even the hardened veterans of adrenaline sports scream. Much of it is due to the nature – for example for canyoning, Bovec, Slovenia, offers a great selection of narrow canyons with many natural obstacles. Tourism operators can easily work with that and enhance the natural potential for adrenaline paradise. Of course, it’s not just canyoning – Bovec, Slovenia, has much more to offer, mostly activities on the River Soca.

Another activity of immense popularity is rafting. Bovec, Soca, and other factors all contribute to the great experience. That’s why this spot is really popular with rafters, both for the natural surroundings and great river conditions, and for affordable and varied offer of local tourism service providers. And that’s why there is only one true paradise for rafting – Bovec. Soca even looks like a paradise, with the whole experience being very close to an adventure through a pristinely preserved natural reservation. Tourism operators work hard to keep the impression and contribute to the great experience of every visitor. Everyone agrees that the best place is for rafting Bovec. Soca contributes great views, locals contribute perfect atmosphere and wide offer of extra services.