Rafting and kayaking on the Soca river

The Soca river is very well suited for rafters and kayakers. It’s definitely the best choice in Slovenia, and it might as well be the best choice in a wider region, as the rising numbers od foreign visitors prove. That’s no surprise for locals and for domestic visitors that know the river well – Soca is a dynamic river with all kinds of adventures waiting for those brave enough to embark on an unforgettable journey downstream.

Soca river rafting

Rafting is definitely the most prominent activity. You will immediately see the wide variety of offer in virtually every town along the river, at least in its upper part which is the best suited for rafting. Actually, Soca river rafting can be an attraction even for those that choose not to partake – you can admire the brave adventurers from the safety of roads, bridges, and footpaths along the river! It makes for some great photos, and of course for great experiences for everybody involved. Soca river rafting is a real magnet for both domestic and foreign visitors!

Soca river kayak

Kayaking offers a different experience, but it’s just as attractive. Even more attractive for those that prefer the solitude of a kayak. Soca river kayak offers a varied set of experiences, you can tackle the river on your own or in a group, there are various guided tours and even kayak schools. For Soca river kayak, the possibilities are endless. While the rafting is more or less limited to the upper part of the river, the middle part can also be attractive for kayaking. It’s that part that attracts the professional kayakers that have a set course there for training and competition. There is a lot of attractive offer along the whole length of the river!