Best ways to discover the river Soca

The Soca river is definitely among the most attractive and alluring rivers in Europe. The main attraction is its unique color, but there are many other properties that draw visitors from all around the world to the scenic Soca river. Among the many reasons to visit this region, various outdoor activities stand out, especially if you’re an avid adventurer and explorer of the nature.

Soča rafting

There is definitely one shining example of how to best discover the river Soča – rafting. It offers a unique experience, while also providing a thrilling challenge and a sociable retreat on the water surface. There are so many different possibilities that it’s hard to predict what kind of experience awaits you if you opt in for Soča rafting. The local tourist agencies offer a wide range of options, from adrenaline white-water rafting to leisurely scenic tours.

Soca river kayaking

Another popular option is Soca river kayaking. It might be better to take a kayak instead of a raft if you want to avoid the crowds and have an adventure of your own. There are many options, especially for experienced kayakers. While Soča rafting is mostly limited to the upper part of the river, especially focused around the towns of Bovec and Kobarid, Soca river kayaking is available on other parts of the river as well.

Other activities

Of course, you can discover the Soca river in other ways as well. If you want to really experience the river, go for hydrospeed or even just a swim in the river. Many tourists seek to escape the summer heat on the banks of the river, even though Soca is quite cold as it flows from the mountains. But you can have a great experience even just walking on the riverbanks and admiring the surrounding nature.